Artist-In-Residency Program

NiftyKit is selecting up to 24 artists to build and create their own gallery in our Metaverse space. We’re looking for highly motivated artists that can help build and innovate our gallery space, create visual installations, and actively participate in community-building events.

CryptoVoxels & Vibes Island

CryptoVoxels is a virtual world known as “The Metaverse” and is built on Ethereum. Users can purchase parcels and create wearables, which can be sold as an NFT. Vibes Island is particularly known for its famous “Vox Walk,” a collection of talented artists building their wearable storefronts. NiftyKit’s parcel is conveniently located around the corner of “Vox Walk,” which will encourage decent foot traffic.


NiftyKit provides simple tools for creators, brands, and businesses to get started with NFTs and smart contracts. NiftyKit will actively promote the CryptoVoxel gallery space and will hold various events with curators and collectors throughout the year.

Our goal is to be on the cutting edge of The Metaverse and inspire the next generation of artists to be creative in the NFT space.



You must be a member of NiftyKit and have artwork minted for us to review.

You don’t have to have CryptoVoxels experience, but it’s a plus.

We’re looking for someone that can get on weekly calls with us to discuss the plan for the community space, and come up with events to help promote the space.

Ready to build with us in the Metaverse?

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