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NiftyKit provides simple tools for creators, brands, and businesses to get started with NFTs and smart contracts.
No experience with blockchain or crypto required.

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NiftyKit NFT creation tool and mobile view.

One platform for all things NFTs

Get up and running in seconds, so you can focus on building your brand or business.

Create Your NFT

Make your first NFT in seconds using our simple tools, which includes unlimited drafts and a powerful editor.

Manage Your Contract

Upload NFTs to your custom Smart Contract, invite, and collaborate with others to grow your community.

Sell Anywhere

Promote your NFT across social channels and list directly on NiftyKit or third-party Marketplaces.

Powerful features for everyone

Robust tools to get you started with NFTs and the blockchain. No experience required.

End-to-End Fiat

Create, list and sell your NFT using USD/credit card without the hassle of crypto exchanges and gas fees.

Unlimited Minting

Mint as many NFTs as you want on the Polygon network, for much lower and sustainable costs.

Smart Contracts

Create and store NFTs in your own Smart Contract, invite creators to collaborate and set your commission.

Unlimited File Size

Upload images and videos in their raw format directly to IPFS to avoid quality issues or degradation.

Auction House

Sell your NFTs via auction format, with the ability to set your reserve price and duration (ie. 24 hours)

Whitelabel Store

Get a custom branded storefront with features to help you market, sell, and grow your business.

Revenue Split

Allocate revenue based on project or who’s involved, and earn that amount forever.

Developer API

Plug into our API for a more scalable minting solution to power your next project.

NFT Editions

Create hundreds or thousands of NFT editions using the ERC-1155 token standard.

Simple, transparent pricing

One plan with all features included. Supercharge your subscription with additional credits and contracts.

NiftyKit Subscription


Includes 1 Custom Collection

Have your own Smart Contract where you can invite collaborators and set your own commission.

Unlimited NFT Minting

Mint as many NFTs as you want on the Polygon network, there’s no cap or limit.

Includes All NiftyKit Features

Leverage everything NiftyKit has to offer including unlimited file size, auction house and much more.

Includes All Gas Fees

No gas fees or crypto required for anything, ever.

A subscription is required to mint NFTs and contracts on NiftyKit. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

We’ve implemented and adhered to open and decentralized standards.

Ready for a new NFT experience?

Our mission is to empower creators, brands, and businesses to unlock new economic opportunities and build community through NFTs.

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