Curate your NFT Collection

Build a custom collection of NFTs and earn commission on sales for life. Invite your community to mint artwork into your collection and become your own curated NFT platform like SuperRare, KnownOrigin or Foundation. 

Take Ownership Of Your Work

Our no-code solution to create customized smart contracts allows you to take full control and owner of all of the NFTs minted under your token ID.

Set Your Own Commission Rates

As the owner of the custom collection, you can control & configure the commission you receive on primary and secondary sales.

Prove Your NFTs Are Legit

Fight copycats, fakes, and imitations of your work.  Verify true ownership, have evidence of provenance, and prove authenticity to your customers.

Mint directly to Opensea and Rarible

Your NFTs are minted are instantly available to sell, list, or trade on Opensea, Rarible, or any other site that is compatible with ERC-721 tokens.

Customizable Smart Contracts

Set your token symbol and public name that shows up in the blockchain for each asset minted using your customized smart contract for your collection.

Build & Grow Your Community

As the owner of a collection, you can invite collaborators to mint their work directly in your collection. Artists get attribution and you share in commissions when you sell an NFT.


CurationKits are where creators create, together. Whether you’re an artist, designer, musician, gamer, athlete or brand, CurationKit helps you easily create NFTs, collaborate, & grow your community.

The Process

1. Create a Custom Branded Token Collection
2. Invite artists to collaborate via email or shortlink
3. Artists submit creations for your approval
4. Once approved, they will be able to Create NFT
5. NFTs are owned and give attribution to the creator
6. Once the collection is complete, you, the curator will list for sell. Not the artist.
7. Promote Collection Page together and drive traffic
8. Fans Buy with ETH
9. Creators get paid the different between Collection Commission (variable) and NiftyKit platform fee (5%)
10.You receive secondary commission on marketplaces like Opensea by managing your smart contract we created for you that’s tied to Metamask

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