Unleash the power of NFTs into your next project. Kickstart your next app or idea by leveraging NiftyKit’s REST API to create your NFT marketplace.
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NFTs as a Service (NaaS)

One API. Multiple chains

Mint to Ethereum Mainnet or Layer 2 options (ie. Polygon) that makes the most sense for your project. Create an account to get started.

Own Your Platform

Independent and not locked into a single platform. Own your Smart Contracts and NFTs. Your smart contract will be tied to your Metamask wallet address selected when you mint your collection smart contract.


Integrate NFTs into your existing app, or build your next NFT project with easy to use API. Start by creating a NiftyKit account and creating your first collection..

Rapid Development & Iteration

Time is money in the NFT space. Build an NFT solution for your business in just hours, instead of days, weeks or months. Utilize our developer friendly tools to access API’s to manage and pull analytics for your collection of smart contracts and NFTs.

NFTs at Scale

Flexibility to mint-as-you-go whenever and however you want. Utilize your existing full-stack development resources familiar with REST api and component based development approach.

Frustrated trying to figure this whole 'NFT' thing out? We'll help you fix that.

  • Sign Up for a NiftKit Account
  • Request an API test key and credentials
  • Create a customized plan & roadmap
  • Together we’ll decide how best to execute the plan
  • Purchase a license and get a live API key

NiftyKit API Benefits

Ethereum is Complicated

Simply learning a new language is not enough. Let us handle the complexity for you, so you can focus on the business.

Own The Experience

White labeling your NFT marketplace allows your brand to stand out and shine.

No Crypto Experienced Required

Our apps make it easy for you, your team, and your customers to get into the NFT space without having prior knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrencies.

Plays Nicely With Others

Our NFTs are fully integrated, decentralized (backed by IPFS) and work seamlessly with existing marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible.

Tools To Power & Grow Your Community

Custom Collections

  • Customizable Smart Contracts
  • ERC-721, OpenZeppelin Standard
  • Web UI interface for easy creation, management and collaboration
  • Automatically push to OpenSea, Rarible, Cargo app
  • Primary Commissions
  • Split Revenue (coming soon!)
  • Secondary Commissions (coming soon!)

NFT Creation

  • Mint on Mainnet (or Layer 2s)
  • Transfer
  • Burn
  • Sell
  • View on IPFS


  • Instant Payouts
  • Place Bid / Make Offer
  • List For Sale
  • Transfer Privately
  • Accept ETH/Polygon MATIC
  • Accept USD/Credit card


  • Dedicated account manager
  • Development resources
  • Support & maintenance
  • Smart Contract customizer
  • API Access management

Want To Test Drive NiftyKit?

Try our NFT collection builder to see how easy it is to mint NFTs using NiftyKit.

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