Dina Goldstein: Gods of Suburbia

New NFTs from Dina Goldstein

The series of 10 panels unfolds a tragicomic tale of the perils of being plastic and the potential for salvation through authenticity. Goldstein subverts the storybook storyline of Barbie and her blow-dried boyfriend Ken. 

Using the sequential narrative form common to comic books she places the long-time couple in a custom-manufactured alternative reality of her own design and decoration.

A pink-on-pink playhouse that seems sweetly perfumed for romance. Even the pillows insist on love. But the candy-colored interiors and playful appeal of the iconic dolls are Goldstein’s Pop Surrealist lure to engage an audience about serious issues.

In Goldstein’s telling of her story, Barbie endures psychological dysfunction, an emotional breakdown, a really bad haircut and, ultimately, decapitation.

I have placed Jesus and his Apostles, a street gang, specifically in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

This is Canada’s poorest postal code and a place of chronic drug abuse, alcohol addiction and mental illness.

Jesus and the Apostles consume the diet of street people: cheap packaged noodles, cheap beer and canned tuna, while Judas plots his betrayal of Jesus.

In Vancouver, so much money has flowed into the Downtown Eastside, but it is still a place of violence, addiction and homelessness. 

Like Judas, who betrayed Jesus for money, many have benefitted from initiatives to help Vancouver’s poor, yet the poor still have nothing. 

1/1 animated edition

Dina's Bio

Dina Goldstein’s work is highly conceptual and complex social commentary; incorporating cultural archetypes and iconography from the collective common imagination with narratives inspired by the human condition. Leaning into the visual language of pop surrealism, she stages compositions that expose the underbelly of modern life, challenging the notions of cultural influence and inherent belief systems.

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