Troubleshooting DropKit Errors on NiftyKit

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Error: Request failed with status code 503

  • Try: Refresh page and run request again (update metadata)
  • Try: Refresh page and see if request ran partially (delete all)

Sometimes larger requests time out and need another try when you update metadata or delete entries in the NFT tab. You will know you have fixed the error if the code doesn’t pop up and Metamask shows to finish action.


  • Try: Break up metadata in chunks of 1500-2000 and upload them in separate POST requests

Larger metadata files need to be broken up. Each request appends to the previous ones in the list. Delete All NFTs from the list if you need to retry the upload.

API error out due to formatting on JSON

  • Try: check if your array of NFTs are wrapped in a object with a “data” array
  • Try: make sure you have valid .json – quotes are on all keys and values wrapped correctly

Errors: “message”: “Cannot read property ‘map’ of undefined”

If you are using a generator like Hashlips, you may have a metadata file with all your NFTs. That array of NFTs needs to be the value “data” when uploading it to NiftyKit via API. Also ensure that you have valid .json and are not missing any closing brackets, commas, or quotes for the keys and values

	"data": [ 
		{{ NFT 1 }},
		{{ NFT 2 }},
		{{ NFT 3 }},
		{{ NFT 4 }},
		{{ ..... }}

API window on NiftyKit keeps crashing

  • Try: Using POSTMAN or other API client to upload your metadata

There are limitations on using the window depending on what browser you are using. You can learn more about how to use the API outside of the NiftyKit app here:

500 | Internal Server Error

If you are ready to Update Metadata on your drop, you may encounter this error when accessing your drop page.

My Images are not showing in NiftyKit.

Are some (not all) of the images missing?

  • Try: Double check urls to images in your metadata .json to make sure they load
  • Try: Check if image is in the correct field
  • Try: Wait, IPFS gateway may be slow to propogate if your image urls are correct.

It’s been common for IPFS to take a while to propogate to NiftyKit. If your URLs were correct when you uploaded your data and your IPFS folder is still reachable by pasting the url in the browser, then your Update Metadata call should work when doing the reveal on Opensea.

Are they all missing?

  • Try: Check IPFS links to your images are correct
  • Try: Switch IPFS gateway from to on your image urls.

My Images are not showing in Opensea.

  • Try: Use Opensea endpoint to validate your image and metadata.
  • Try: Click Update Metadata in Opensea onindividual NFT page
  • Try: Check that you clicked Update Metadata to push NFTs and metadata by looking in Etherscan to find Set Base URI method on your smart contract
  • Try: Wait for Opensea to update if the data is correct and you’ve already clicked Update Metadata on Opensea and NiftyKit

Use Opensea api by replacing the URL parameters with your smart contract address and replacing the 10 with the token # you are trying to validate.

Can’t delete all images in NFT tab

  • Try: Refresh and try to Delete all again
  • Try: Refresh and check if some of the NFTs deleted and not all
  • Try: Hard refresh in browser

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