Drop Like a Boss

DropKits build hype for your launch. We’ll build your landing page, signup form, and email drip campaign so that you can focus on promoting your upcoming NFT drop on social media.


You will use NiftyKit to mint, manage, and sell your NFTs. Creators and brands have the flexibility to do drops on NiftyKit’s marketplace or create a white label solution that can integrate with your existing store or website. 


Dina Goldstein’s work is highly conceptual and complex social commentary; incorporating cultural archetypes and iconography from the collective common imagination with narratives inspired by the human condition.  

Brandon Spahn x Mac Miller

NiftyKit partnered with Brandon Spahn – a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator and senior designer for the Phoenix Suns (NBA). This drop featured exclusive Mac Miller tribute artwork bundled with a sticker giveaway and proceeds to help the Pittsburgh & Mac Miller Foundation.

Chris Ganan – Eat The World Season 1

Chris Ganan – a creative director based in San Diego specializing in licensed apparel. He has worked with large companies such as Disney, Marvel, LRG, and other large clothing brands. This NFT drop featured his personal exclusive artwork inspired by food and travel.

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