Hashlips Art Engine Tutorials For Large NFT Drops on NiftyKit

HashLips Art Engine is a tool used to create multiple different instances of artworks based on provided layers and works great for your NFT Drop on NiftyKit. You will learn how to use HashLips Art engine to take your layered files and use node.js code to configure and create the different variations for your large PFP or generative art NFT Collection you plan to launch using our DropKit smart contract. To get started visit the github project to download the codebase to your computer.

You will be ready to upload your creatives to NiftyKit using the API once you have generated the following from the HashLips generator:

  1. Final artwork folder of image (1.png, 2.png, etc…)
  2. metadata.json

You will need to upload your images to IPFS and be able to reference them in the metadata.json. You can use the IPFS client or a service like Pinata.cloud to upload your images. 

Pinata.cloud Folder IPFS Upload

Your link should look similar to this one below and will be used in the “image” value in your metadata.json file.


When your files have been uploaded to IPFS and you have your metadata.json file prepared with the proper metadata, file formats, trait, and attribute info you’ll log into NiftyKit. Navigate to your drop project dashboard and find the 3-dot menu. Click here and select API key. Copy your API key. You will need to use this or give it to your developer to upload to NiftyKit. Once it has been uploaded you will be able click Update Metadata to update the token data on Opensea for your reveal.

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