How to create a delayed reveal NFT drop.

DropKit is the easiest way to coordinate and launch a delayed reveal NFT launch. 
There are specific steps that you need to take when doing a delayed reveal on our platform.
Here’s what we’ll do:
  1. Configure smart contract
  2. Create smart contract in blockchain
  3. Start drop
  4. Visit drop page
  5. Mint NFTs (you or collectors)
  6. Set up placeholder image on Opensea
  7. Upload the final reveal images
  8. Click update metadata
  9. Wait for Opensea to update
  10. Finalize the reveal with collectors
Let’s take a look at the 2 types of drops you can do on NiftyKit.

2 Types of NFT Drops

  1. Delayed Reveal – collectors mint your NFT placeholder image, then you reveal at a later time
  2. Revealed Upon Mint – collectors will immediately see the final NFT when they mint from your drop page
Delayed reveal placeholder image
Final NFT revealed X hours/days later

Create Smart Contract First Before Adding NFTs

You need to create the smart contract on the blockchain before you set up NFTs to set up your pre-reveal. 

Any image in listed on the NFT tab at the time of smart contract creation will be uploaded.

Starting Your Drop

There must be at least 1 NFT minted in the collection in order for the collection to show up in Opensea. 

You have 2 ways to mint and make your collection visible on Opensea:

  1. You mint and purchase NFTs to use for giveaways, promotions, auctions, and more. You will pay the price set for your NFT, there is no way to separately mint these.
  2. You wait until users come and mint the placeholder, then you go in and configure the collection on Opensea.

Needing an initial NFT to the collection to get it to show is a caveat with Opensea and custom smart contracts brought in from outside their system.

This video will show you how you or your buyers will visit your drop page to mint and purchase your NFTs. Once minted, you can grab the smart contract address from Etherscan and find it by entering it into Opensea.

Setting Up The Delayed Reveal Image In Opensea 

Once the collection shows up in Opensea, you will need to edit the collection details and add a profile picture

By default, if there isn’t an image set for the collection, you will see a broken image placeholder until you set one.

This video shows how the image uploaded into the collection becomes the fallback image that will represent the minted tokens that have yet to be revealed.

Upload Your NFT Creatives & Metadata

You’re NFTs will not always reflect on Opensea  immediately, so you or your collectors will  need to click Update Metadata inside each NFT detail page on Opensea.
Each NFT listed in your DropKit NFT tab is in consecutive order starting from Token ID #1

Edit Metadata Before or After Minting Begins

You have the ability to update the NFTs at any time during the drop.

Be careful when you have already revealed and collectors have purchased your NFT.

You could ruin the integrity of your project if you switch out tokens in your NFT tab.

The NFT Reveal on Opensea

Each time you push updates to your metadata, you will be required to pay for gas to update the info on Opensea.
Sometimes it takes a bit for the metadata to propogate to Opensea.
You can additionally invite your token holders to hit the refresh metadata on the NFT detail page on Opensea.
If there is a slight delay, be patient and factor this into the reveal of your drop.

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