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Create A Delayed NFT On DropKit

Adding a pre-reveal placeholder asset to your drop makes it so your NFTs and metadata are hidden upon initial mint. It allows you to control when your community gets to see the final assets and metadata.

NFT Pre-reveal Placeholder

We recommend adding a pre-reveal placeholder so that your NFTs and metadata are protected from sniping. Sniping occurs when your metadata is pushed live and hosted on IPFS and helps snipers choose which NFTs to purchase or mint based on the rarities of the traits exposed through the metadata.

You should set up your pre-reveal placeholder image before you start minting or airdropping tokens. Without a placeholder, customers will see a broken image on Opensea.

Apply Placeholder to Custom Range

The Big NFT Reveal

The reveal is one of the most exciting parts of NFT projects. We took reveals to the next level and gave creators the ability to reveal all at once or reveal a custom range as many times as you want. 

Reveal All, Or Reveal A Custom Range of NFTs

DropKit allows you the flexibility of when, and how many you want to reveal at once. 

When you reveal, you will be pushing metadata for your NFTs to IPFS and it will be exposed through the IPFS link set in the smart contract call you execute when you are ready to do your reveal.

Click Reveal and choose:

  1. Reveal All NFTs
  2. Reveal Custom Range

Once you are ready to reveal, you will click the Reveal button and choose which NFTs get revealed to your current NFT token holder.

Revealing your metadata will be a smart contract call to update the metadata with your final NFT image and metadata.

When you are ready to reveal click the Reveal Now button and you will be prompted by MetaMask to pay a small gas transaction to execute the Set Base URI update which will point your NFTs to a new url where your updated metadata now lives.

Reveal All, Or Just Some

To reveal a custom range you will enter the start ID and end ID of the range you want to reveal. Any tokens minted outside the range will stay as your pre-reveal placeholders.

Delayed Reveal NFT DropKit Tips 

Create Smart Contract First Before Adding NFTs

You need to create the smart contract on the blockchain before you set up NFTs to set up your pre-reveal. 

Any image in listed on the NFT tab at the time of smart contract creation will be uploaded to IPFS. You do not need any NFTs in here to start, and you can always update metadata and push NFTs after you create your contract.

Brokensea? Maybe Give It Some Time

If you are still seeing a missing image, sometimes it takes a while to update on other platforms. You could try to hit the Update Metadata on these platforms to force push an update. Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for the image to show up on Opensea, but on average we have seen it take about 5-10 mins.

There are ways you can investigate if your metadata is working.

  • Set Base URI – check etherscan to ensure that you ran the Set Base URI request successfully. If you’re images haven’t shown up you may have an issue with with your metadata not pointing to IPFS.
  • Refresh Metadata – once IPFS is confirmed, click Refresh Metadata and do a hard browser refresh in Opensea.
  • Validate Using Opensea API – check what metadata Opensea is pointing to. Check for errors by visiting this link after entering your smart contract address and the token you wish to validate: 

Final Art Not Ready?

No Problem!

With DropKit you are able to start with a placeholder and just upload the artwork through one of our import methods. Read our tutorial for Adding Metadata To Your NFT Drops for example metadata you can upload.

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