Polygon Minting Tutorial For NiftyKit NFTs and Custom Collections

We prepared this simple guide for you to follow and start minting in NiftyKit using Polygon credits.
In order to mint a Polygon NFT in NiftyKit, the user must purchase Polygon NFT and Collection credits.  These NFT credits will serve as payment in minting your artwork in NiftyKit website.

The user needs to go to the profile page, and click on the “BUY” button. Drop down will appear (as shown in the image below) and you will have the option to select NFT Credits or Smart Contract Credits.

For NFT Credits, you have the option to either purchase Mint V2 or Polygon Credit.

What’s the difference? Aside from the set price, Mint V2 uses Ethereum while Polygon Credit uses Polygon (Matic).

Here’s the Smart Collection Contract pricing for NiftyKit and Polygon
Once polygon credits are already available, user can now start minting using these in
On your profile page, you still have the option to either mint or create your NFT.

Create your Collections, upload image and banner. Collection Name & Collection Symbol are necessary to fill out to continue. Once information are all completed proceed in hitting continue as draft button.

Click on Create now button and select
This pop up will show when you are about to create your collections using Polygon credit. Click on NEXT button to proceed
Another pop up will appear – Terms of use and Privacy Policy link and users wallet address info is visible. If everything looks good and you agreed to proceed click on create now.
Below message will appear in your profile. User just need to wait for 2 – 4 hours for the collections to be created.
While waiting for the Collections to complete minting in blockchain, user can also create a new NFT and start minting. You have 3 options to add new NFT.
Start creating your NFT by following these steps.
Make sure to select or choose the correct collections. Do not forget to include your NFT’s Title and description to move forward. Click on Continue as Draft button.
Once your artwork is already uploaded as draft, you have the option to submit to collection if this is already final and no changes needed, Edit – if you are not satisfied and wants to improve it or delete if you want to replace it.
If you decided to submit the NFT to collection, you will wait for 2 – 4 hours or less (depending on the gas price) to proceed in minting. This pop up will show when you are about to create an NFT or creating a Mumbai Collection
User can check profile if you are using Polygon/Matic.
If not, user can do the following, go to your Metamask browser extension and on the Networks dropdown you can select Matic to proceed.
User now can also offer and buy using Polygon if you have credits in your Metamask wallet.  You can see these NFTs in Discover and Explore NFT page  on for sale tab that there are NFT in Polygon that you can buy.
Now you can offer in MATIC if the NFT is created using Polygon credits.
Easy to follow right? You can now create your own NFT using Polygon credits! Happy minting!
By the way you can always reach out to NiftyKit support team by sending us an email in You can also join us in Discord  and chat with our founder/CEO, developer and Support team or follow us in our social media account in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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