How to Sell Your NFTs on Opensea

Once minted you will see your NFT show up on the blockchain and you will have the ability to export your private key so that you can use MetaMask to manage your NiftyKit digital collectible wallet.

On your freshly minted NFT page, you will see 3 buttons:

  • View on Opensea marketplace
  • View on Rarible marketplace
  • View on Etherscan to see your work on-chain

NiftyKit creates your NFT to be compatible and ready available for you on these platforms. You will be able to sell on Rarible and Opensea

By the end of this tutorial, you should be connected to Opensea with your NiftyKit wallet and ready to list your NFT for sale.

You’ll know you have made it, if you see the screen below for your NFT.

Opensea Methods for selling your NFT.

Here are the steps to list your NFT on Opensea:

  1. Click My Account
  2. Click View Private Key
  3. Enter Your Password to reveal your private key.
  4. Don’t NOT paste or save this code anywhere besides importing it directly into MetaMask.
  5. Open MetaMask 
  6. Click the round profile icon to show a drop-down menu
  7. Click Import Account
  8. Paste private key directly in Metamask

Your NiftyKit wallet will now be connected to your Metamask account, and you will be able to connect with this wallet on Opensea and see this in your account. 

From here, you can list your item for sale using all the functionality Opensea has to offer NFT creators.

You can learn the latest sales tools and selling techniques Opensea has to offer by clicking this link to Opensea.

Click on My Account to find your Private Key

NiftyKit My Account button in upper right-hand corner

Click View Private Key inside My Account page

Click button to View Private Key. Keep this safe!

Enter your password to retrieve your private key

Enter your password to view your private key.

Open MetaMask and Click Import Account

If you love what you see and you are interested in minting more of your artwork, or you want to just purchase a few more credits to mint a smaller collection, you can purchase additional credits to mint.

Each credit is good for 1 mint.

We created it this way so that pricing can be more predictable when you are planning out your NFT drops and launches.

Contact us for any questions, or to get a discount on your next NFT mints on the NiftyKit platform.

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