NEW WORLD CURATOR KITS in partnership with NFT Curator Hanifah Walidah and the New World Curator DAO are providing promotional support for the Niftykit community as a means to exhibit their stories and art in the metaverse.

This inaugural cohort are referred to as The Shilla Bees.

The Hive community can look many ways. We are hoping to partner with NFT sponsors, educators and media partners and Honey Pots (Artist Liaisons). 

Introducing New World Curator Kits

A 4 story hive-like structure made of 11 spacious artist studios and a curated roof exhibit. We invite artists, collaborations and creative communities  to explore new ways to create, curate, and sell their NFTs.


Promoting your NFT and reaching new collector communities is one of the major challenges once entering the crypto marketplace.

In addition to shilling your drops on Twitter and promoting in Clubhouse rooms, exhibiting your art in a metaverse offers a multitude of imagined ways for the NFT community to experience and collect your art. New World Curator Kits is a community resource.


 4 things make this artist residency the first of it’s kind.

  1.  The Shilla Bee Cohort learn to curate and tell a story with both their work and that of others inside of a virtual space, utilizing Cryptovoxels extensive capabilities and limitations.
  2. Artists will livestream different aspects of their creative process as they create thier NFTs and curate their studio. Artists tweet when going Live using the hashtag #liveatthehive .
  3. The cohort themselves are a curation. The building and participants are visually housed within a hive. When entering, people are encouraged to fly around to view the studios.
  4. We don’t just offer space to individual artists but also strongly believe in what we call Community Genesis. A means to onboard and introduce  new creative communities to the NFT space through group residency and exhibition. 

How it Works and Residency Calendar?

  • Application deadline is 12pm EDT, Wednesday September 15, 2021. 
  • 14 Artists/Curators/Communities will be the first NWC Kits cohort. They are selected and notified by 9/19 Sunday 5pm EDT. The name and theme of this inaugural cohort will be dubbed The Shilla Beez.
  • The Residency is broken up into 6 weeks.
  • Week 1: Assign and walk-thru your studio, learn Crypovoxels, how to stream live, NFTs 101, the power of sovereignty with Niftykit , discuss and finalize exhibition story blueprints. There will be additional NFT educational options offered throughout the residency.
  • Week 2 and 3: Start building out your studio and sharing your creative process, story, life. Create your NFT art. This hopefully serves two greater purposes;
    1. creates regular traffic through the studios where people can view the art of the cohort in different stages of creation.  2. Helps add value when Collectors and enthusiasts are given a peek into the process of it being made and the world of that artist.
  • Week 4: The entire cohort has an open studio drop party. NFTs are minted onto the New World Curator Polygon Smart Contract and marketplace via and Opensea. NWC takes a 13% commission on all sales and the rest automatically goes to the wallets of the artist or curators. Creative Community Ambassadors (curators) are responsible for re-distributing funds to their artists. 
  • Weeks 5 and 6: The work remains up for exhibition and sale. Visitors have the option to vote on which studios work is represented on the POAP (a token representing the cohort and one’s participation or attendance to that cohort’s events) 
  • Last day of the 6th week, we have a Hive closing party! And the official Shilla Bee POAP Token featuring work voted on by visitors to the hive is distributed to cohort, bee community, attendees and collectors.


A platform that empowers artist communities, curators and collectors to easily create and promote NFTs and the stories they tell. 


What Is New World Curator DISCORD?

A community of NFT curators, collectors and enthusiasts looking to re-imagine, document and share curated experiences and products with blockchain, metaverse and XR technology. 



Cryptovoxels is a virtual world and metaverse, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Players can buy land and build stores and art galleries. You can walk or fly around, edit avatars, and text chat features all built-in and no need to download software. All anyone needs to enter from any device is a simply URL link, like this

Ask us about Community Genesis

Onboarding one creative community at a time.

Community: NWC def. A group of people with shared experience, geographic location; a collective, crew of like minds, medium or swag.

Genesis: A term referred to the first publicized mint and sale of an artist’s work on the blockchain; usually sold publicly on a NFT Marketplace like  

New World Curator Kits advocates for everyone’s first experience with NFT’s to feel more like home; secure, empowering and knowing your art family is near-by.

Become a Curative Ambassador for your creative community, crew, house, group show, or collective.

Experience this new world of NFTs together with the help of the Community Genesis;

Learn how to easily draft, mint and sell NFTs with your own collective storefront and smart contract..

Debut your collective work and culture in the metaverse with a group showing in one of the New World Curator Kit Studios or as a rooftop exhibit.

If you envision a place for you and your IRL art fam in the NFT marketplace then let us prepare you all for your  NFT debut.

We are looking for a motivated artist liaisons (aka Honey Pots), sponsors and NFT experts to join our team.

Hive Sponsors
There are a handful of ways for one sponsor and multiple patrons can support the Shilla Beez and make their presence known in the hive. Please inquire directly to Hanifah Walidah, QueerBee at
(Sponsor Patron token page coming soon)

Residency Speakers
We are planning weekly conversations to inform and empower our artist within and beyond the residency. We are looking for speakers to commit to one discord learning session around the following topics:

1. NFT Marketing: Drop Strategies
2. Smart Contracts
3. Building Community and Collector Base 
4.  NFT Marketing: Building your artist brand
5. An Artist Roadmap to creating value in their NFTs
6. NFT culture

Speakers Apply here.

What’s a Honey Pot? Artist and Media Liaisons
There are 5 floors of artists in the hive, including the roof. Each floor will have a liaison. This liaison is primarily responsible for documenting and promoting their artist’s live sessions and work. They also act as point person to the Queer Bee if any needs or issues pop up. 

Liaisons Apply here.

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