DropKit gives you the tools to build hype for your launch. Create a drop, upload your art, add traits & attributes, then set your drop date. Focus on promoting your upcoming NFT drop, not shopping around for developers or platforms to build your smart contract.


Get Early Access To DropKit

No-code smart contracts

We handle creating a smart contract for you so that you can focus on creating, instead of learning how to code yourself.

Drop your NFTs all at once, or not

You control when everyone can come mint. Go live only when you are ready. Start, pause, and resume your drop based on your roadmap.

Mint now, reveal later

Sell first by inviting collectors to mint, then reveal the NFTs everyone received at a later date to make drops more fun and engaging.

Add traits and attributes

Add a layer of engagement by assigning rarity traits that give collectors additional layers of value for the NFTs they mint.

Save money on minting costs

Buyers pay the cost of the minting of your NFTs. You pay the fee to deploy your gas-optimized contract to the blockchain. Choose Polygon or Ethereum mainnet.

Manage all your NFT drops in one place

You can manage multiple tiers and collections all in your NiftyKit account. We have made it simple for creators to launch NFT drops.

DropKit FAQ

DropKit is a customizable smart contract for your collection that is available for NiftyKit paid members. Once you log into your account, you will be able to Create A Drop where you will configure your smart contract for your NFT drop and execute your sale on your mint page or through custom code created using our developer SDK.


We’ve made it easy to bring in your art and metadata with our DropKit tools and API.

Do you have artwork created and metadata ready to load? 

Tell us about your project and get on our waitlist.


There is technically no size limit to how many NFTs you can have in your collection.

Tell us about your project and get on our waitlist.


You will be able to start with a generic image as the image for the NFT, then later update the metadata to point to the correct images revealed for each NFT purchased by collectors when they minted.

$9.99 monthly membership for NiftyKit.

It costs about .02 ETH to deploy our optimized gas-freindly NFT smart contracts.

There is NO FEE for airdrops, you pay your own gas to mint directly into wallets. Batch minting available to reduce number of transactions needed to airdrop multiple NFTs.

NiftyKit takes 5% of primary sales only when you withdraw your funds earn from the contract

NiftyKit does not collect any royalties on secondary sales, we only get paid on primary sales that occur on NiftyKit.

Yes. You will need to stop the sale and recreate the sale with your new sale price or sale type.


Originally we had a fixed amount, but now with the latest DropKit contract you will be able to increase the supply each time you start the sale.


You can mint under the total amount of the maximum supply. 

You can always increase the supply later when you start new sales.

In order to use DropKit, you must have your art ready to upload into NiftyKit. 

You must have each of the asset uploaded to IPFS if you use the API to programmatically add each NFT.

For smaller collections you can upload NFTs one-by-one using our NFT upload tool.

We currently do not support the ability for the image creatives to be generated in real-time during minting.



In the latest DropKit smart contracts you will be able to increase the supply of tokens you want each time you start the sale. The total supply is now dynamic and allows you to extend your NFT collection as you drop in phases on your roadmap.


You can have a supply lower than the max. You do not have to mint or sell everything all at once.

NiftyKit lets you pause and restart your drop contract when you are ready to pick back up where you left off.


You do not need to know Solidity or coding to launch your NFT collection.

Understanding how JSON data is structured will help you upload your work faster, but we have a Google Sheet you can use to generate the proper JSON for batch upload.

NiftyKit will help you customize your smart contract settings for your drop, then deploy your contract and NFTs when you are ready to reveal your NFT drop.

You may need help with coding to get your artwork and metadata prepared for DropKit. 

Yes. You will be able to select which network you want to deploy your DropKit smart contract for during creation.

You must have the Polygon (MATIC) network added to metamask and hold the MATIC token to transact for both creators and buyers.

It costs about .02-.03 ETH to create your smart contract.

It costs about .01 ETH for your buyers to mint each NFT. 

5% on the primary sale on NiftyKit.

0% on secondary sales on Opensea.

Yes. You will be able to enter a list of wallet addresses that will be able to access your presale and mint before your public drop. 

You will be able to continually add new wallet addresses to keep the presale list updated with new wallets.

Public sale is open to anyone to come and mint NFTs based on your settings, sale type, and price.

Presale allows you to specify a list of wallet addresses that will be allowed to mint during the presale period.

After you create your contract you will choose to publish a Presale or Public Sale then choose the type of sale you want: 1.) Set Price 2.) Dutch Auction

Yes. Dutch Auction is available for both public and presales.

There is no way to automatically stop your sale for minting. You will need to pause your drop at the right time which may not stop on the exact number if you are in a public sale.

Yes. You can use the javascript SDK to embed your mint button to your website so that users can use your website to mint your collection.


If the smart contract was not created and minted to your wallet from NiftyKit, you cannot use it for your drop.

Yes, you will be able to pause the minting functionality to the public to close off minting until the next phase of your roadmap.

Yes. You will get an API key to use to upload your assets and traits for each collection. 

Learn more about metadata and our API here

You will get an API key to use to upload your assets and traits. 

You will also be able to use a CSV to import your NFTs and metadata.

You can customize the image, header, and description of your minting page on NiftyKit.

You can customize your minting page fully by using our javscript SDK to embed your mint button on a webpage you control and own.

We will be adding more customization features in the future for our on-site mint page.

Here is a current example on Ethereum Mainnet that you can mint and test for yourself:

Yes. You can use NiftyKit’s javascript SDK to embed a mint button on your website. 

Yes. Using the javascript SDK you have control to embed the code and set the correct css styling parameters you want for your mint button. 

You can write out your roadmap in the description portion of your DropKit collection. 

We do not have a dedicated template or section for roadmaps since each project is different.

Only available for special partners and charities/non-profits.

There is a minimum amount of 0.001 ETH or MATIC that you can list your NFT mint price at.

Airdrops directly to wallet is free, you just pay the cost of gas to mint directly into specific wallet addresses.

DropKit is a lazy minted NFT collection drop where you upload your assets and when buyers click “Mint” on your DropKit page, they will be minting and paying for the cost of gas plus the price you set for all the NFTs in your collection.


Airdrop directly to a list of wallet addresses for free, you just pay gas for your transactions.

You can batch up multiple quantities and multiple wallets in one transaction to save on gas.

You can either airdrop them directly to their wallets or use our presale feature to specify wallet addresses who will be able to access the drop and mint.

You can also airdrop them to your own wallet and distribute them separately once they are all in your control.

Yes, you will be able to add or edit metadata after you have already dropped and NFTs have been minted. This will allow you to fix any mistakes that would normally ruin the integrity and quality of your drop collection. 

We encourage that you have a direct communication line with your collectors to let them know about this to ensure everyone is aware that the metadata can change.

Being able to change the metadata allows us to accommodate the NFT DropKit collection reveals where you update the image metadata days after minting to reveal what collectors will get for their final NFT.

Primary sales, no.

Secondary sales, yes.

NFTs purchased on DropKit are lazy minted on demand by your buyers when you set your drop live. This is when it is created in the blockchain.

Secondary sales occur on and will only be available for secondary sales.

At the moment, NiftyKit doesn’t support secondary sales.


No-Code Smart Contracts

Simplify your NFT collection drop. NiftyKit provides you the tools to customize your own smart contract that you can launch for your NFT collection. Our app takes you step-by-step from the initial planning with draft states, all the way to the day you launch your smart contract, and long after you sell out.

Types of NFT Drops

  1. Delayed Reveal – collectors mint your NFT placeholder image, then you reveal by updating metadata at a later time
  2. Revealed Upon Mint – collectors will immediately see the final NFT when they mint from your drop page
  3. Pre-sale List – collect wallet addresses and give your top fans special early access to mint
  4. Dutch Auction – Minimize gas wars by offering an auction sale format for your collectors (presale & public)
Delayed reveal placeholder image
Final NFT revealed X hours/days later


Prepare Your Drop

Upload your creative assets with ease. Add any amount of NFTs to your Smart Contract. The order listed here is the order that your NFTs will mint once you launch and make your NFT collection drop page live. Upload metadata directly in our app, or use our REST API endpoint to load all your NFT creatives and metadata.


Low Cost Contracts

Deploy a Ethereum Mainnet smart contract for a fraction of the cost with our optimized smart contracts! We deployed our first one for only $72.14. Getting into the space has never been so affordable, even with higher gas costs you are still saving a lot of money. Money that can be put towards marketing or other expenses.


Free NFT Airdrops

Airdrops are exciting! Using airdrops you can grow and engage your community by surprising them with free airdrops of NFTs that you send directly to their wallet. It is free to airdrop any amount of NFTs from your project, all you do is pay the gas required to mint. Batch up multiple wallets to save money on transaction fees.


Go Live

Start making money as people mint on your page. Your collectors can mint if your drop is public or if their wallets are on a presale list. Pause and restart your drop to make it more exciting. Additionally you can batch airdrop NFTs to wallets directly if you enter the address or ENS.


Multi-chain Options

DropKit supports Polygon in addition to the Ethereum mainnet blockchain. Use Polygon as an additional way to airdrop, reward, or engage your community. We will be adding additional support for additional blockchains and layer 2 solutions in the near future.


Get Paid

You will be able to withdraw your funds from your drop easily from your DropKit collection page. This will include the revenue that you earned from your collectors purchasing the mint minus NiftyKit fees for selling on our platform. Airdrops are free to mint, you pay gas.

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