About NiftyKit

At a glance.

What is NiftyKit?

A SaaS platform, subscription-based app for artists to create and sell their NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) 

  • Help creatives earn additional income from new audiences in the digital universe
  • Helps creators mint NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain network
  • A tool for creators to mint, manage, sell & trade digital tokens
  • Users create & upload NFTs to the Ethereum Blockchain
  • Allows creatives to confidently know & show they own their art

What we do

Help artists market & sell their NFTs using blockchain technology

  • Make NFT creation simple for everyone-no experience required
  • Help artists sell w/o knowing underlying crypto & blockchain technologies
  • Create & launch their marketing platform
  • Help them build up their NFTs using the right tools
  • Create a portfolio area to show-off their products
  • Show how to trade or sell their creations in secondary markets

Our ideal customer

Artists – Galleries – Creative Agencies –  Musicians –  Influencers –  Brands

What customers want

  • They, not any platform, owns their art
  • Integrate NFTs into their current business
  • Receive recurring revenue & passive income (commissions, royalties)
  • Be recognized for their unique digital art
  • Make a living being an artist
  • Get started w/o knowledge of blockchain or crypto currency
  • Able to sell their collectibles in popular digital marketplaces (e.g Opensea, Rarible)
  • Commissions for life every time they sell an NFT
  • Sell their NFT w/o any hassles
  • To be their own business, marketer & bank
  • Find new ways to earn during Covid on beyond
  • Improve their brand to make money selling their NFTs
  • To secure, verify, and protect their artwork & IP via blockchain technologies
  • Find people that have the money & desire to buy their creations

What customers experience

At the root…

  • Creatives are confused how to make living selling their digital artwork
  • They don’t know where or how to get help
  • They’re intimidated & overwhelmed by crypto & blockchain technologies


  • Not making much $$ doing their creative work
  • Creating cool, digital art that’s sitting their collecting dust (vs making them money)
  • Don’t where to find people with the money and interest to buy their NFTs
  • Not making traction to become the artist they dream about
  • Investing in things they can’t control (i.e. stock market) vs investing in themselves
  • No expert to guide them with their digital efforts
  • This technology moves too fast to be an expert
  • Want to focus on art, not tech
  • There are many scammers selling fake tokens (NFTs)
  • They don’t want to feel left behind

How customers will flourish

  • Inspired making digital art on the blockchain they’ll want to make more (and more)
  • Making passive income on your creations every time your digital art changes hands.
  • Wake up excited & refreshed doing what they re built for
  • Earn $$ while they sleep with commissions & revenues
  • A successful artist & marketer
  • A leading influencer among their friends & peers
  • Excited to show others how to make a living by being their best

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