NiftyKit Minting Platform to Easily Create, Manage & (now) Sell Your NFTs

Here are the new and exciting features in the latest swift kick of updates to the NiftyKit Platform:

Ability to Sell

Yes, that’s right. Not only will we help you mint, but we’ll also now do a better job of helping you sell.

By giving you a fast-loading NFT storefront to sell your work.

Since this was an overhaul on our app, existing NFTs will not disappear, however, there are a few steps you will need to complete immediately before we launch our next platform update.

If you are a user and you have not accessed your original NiftyKit wallet to list and transfer your NFT, click here to learn how to access it.

Set Your Commission Rates

As an owner of a custom collection and the creator boosts plan on NiftyKit, you have the ability to own your own ERC-721 Collection.

Set your own commission rates when you sell on NiftyKit as well as sites like Opensea whereas the owner of the smart contract, you will be able to control the settings that each secondary marketplace will let you change.

Instant Payouts

No more waiting for your payouts for your NFTs when they sell.

When an NFT collector visits your collection storefront they will connect with Metamask to purchase or make an offer.

Once someone purchases or you accept an offer, you will instantly receive the ETH in your wallet and the buyer will receive your NFT in the same transaction.

We’ve opened up the ability to create your own NFT drops and promotions direct on NiftyKit.

Don’t worry, you can always take your NiftyKit minted NFTs over to Opensea or Rarible to list and sell (Free Tier).

Let’s learn more about the way we can sell using the NiftyKit sales tools.

Buy Now Button

List your NFT for a price, invite collectors to storefront, and sell your creations, all on the NiftyKit platform.

Collectors discovering you first time can purchase your NFTs using ETH.

And the best thing about this…..YOU GET PAID…Instantly!

Go from an empty Metamask wallet.

To minting your first NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.

Then list it for sale on your storefront.

Now is where all the fun and hard work begin.

You will need to promote your NFT to the world. Don’t forget that.

Buyers who purchase your NFT on NiftyKit with Metamask will pay gas fees to purchase your NFT and when the transaction is made, you’ll receive the funds directly in your wallet and your buyer will receive the NFT.

If you are looking to host an auction for your NFT instead of listing it for sale directly to visitors, you can use our other new feature that allows collectors and fans to make offers in ETH for your NFT.

Accept and Make Offer

When you mint on NiftyKit we display your NFT proudly for the world to see.

If someone is interested in your NFT, they can make an offer.

You will receive an email and notification when there is an offer on your NFT.

You can choose to ignore this offer if it is lower than you planned on selling it, but if the price is right, and you are ready to give your creation a new home, you can log into your account and accept the offer.

When a visitor makes an offer, they connect their Metamask to NiftyKit to submit their bid. They will pay gas to submit their offer to you.

If you decide to accept the offer, you will need to click Accept Offer.

Once you accept, you will get paid to your wallet account, and the buyer will get your NFT.

You do not have to guess and list a price if you want to see what the true market price is for your piece.

Some artists aren’t sure how much to list their work for.

It’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Make sure you are tweeting and posting on all your socials to spread the word about your NFT for sale on NiftyKit.

Metamask wallet

Metamask Integration

Bring your own Metamask wallet.

No more jumping through hoops and getting your Opensea account and wallet mixed up with your NiftyKit one.

This was pretty confusing ‘eh?

Sorry about that. We hope we can make it up to you.

You can now mint directly into your existing wallet through Metamask.

Since our NFTs become instantly available to list on Opensea, you can hop over easily to your Opensea account and list it using some of Opensea’s selling features like unlockables or bundles (coming soon to NiftyKit…btw…shhhhh).

For creators who purchase Collection Credits, you will be able to assign your custom labeled smart contract to your wallet address and us that Smart Contract to set your primary and secondary commission.

Badass… Right!?

But wait, there’s more!

Revamped User Interface

This is where we aim to please.

Don’t hold back, please tell us if we’re not. If you felt like we are missing something, please email us and let us hear it! 

🚨 Please email and let us know what we can improve or do better.

We know how daunting it can be trying to figure out all this crypto stuff.

Your feedback has been instrumental in the way we think about the design of our tools.

We take design seriously because we know that your art comes first, and since you are entrusting us with making sure your art is looking its best online, we dug into reasons why your NFTs were looking good on NiftyKit, but when viewed on Rarible or Opensea, they weren’t rendering correctly because they do not support some of the specific video and file types.

Along with the improvements with the draft states and collaboration features, we have improved the UI to give you a better idea of what state your NFT is in.

There has been some confusion on how the minting process on NiftyKit works. 

We have added better messaging, progress steps, and improved the button calls-to-action so they make more sense when building out your drop.

Custom Branded Token & Collection

The custom ERC-721 Collections and NFTs you mint on our platform are yours. 

Once minted you will see your NFT show up on the blockchain and you will have the ability to export your private key so that you can use MetaMask to manage your NiftyKit digital collectible wallet.

Additionally, when you have connected your wallet MetaMask you will have the ability to transfer your NFT to another wallet that you own. 


Planning out and collaborating with other creators could be difficult. We’ve added notifications to help notify you in-app when your NFTs are done processing, have been minted, or are ready to list for sale.

As a custom collection owner on NiftyKit, using the collaboration feature where an Artist can mint from their creator accounts to a custom collection representing other NFTs in a set, you can get instant updates when works are ready for your approval to mint.

When you give the thumbs up on a collaborator’s piece to be minted in your collection, they will receive a go signal to Create and Mint it.

This makes it real. And forever. In the Ethereum blockchain.

If you haven’t played with these new features, then what are you waiting for? Log in to your NiftyKit account and start selling.

Please share with any artists, creators, or friends who can benefit from minting NFTs without needed crypto.

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