White Label NFT Marketplace For Your Website, App, Or Platform

NiftyKit helps brands and companies create their own NFT solution by providing you with products and services that allow you to mint your NFTs to different blockchains and Layer 2 solutions.

In addition to supporting multiple chains, we mint NFTs using a standard that is recognized by Opensea and Rarible. When you mint your NFTs on NiftyKit, we mint them in a way where those secondary marketplaces for NFTs can recognize your work and allow you to list on Opensea and Rarible marketplaces.

NaaS – NFTs as a Service

One API. Multiple chains

Mint to the Mainnet or Layer 2 option that makes the most sense for your project. Now you can choose between the Ethereum mainnet, polygon, and stay tuned because we are soon to release the ability to mint to Binance Smart Chain

Own Your Platform

Be independent and not be locked into a single platform. Own your Smart Contracts and NFTs and manage them using our easy to use software. Having an API to develop the front end experience and tools on the backend to help your product team manage your NFTs can really help your company slingshot into the NFT market before your competitors.


Integrate NFTs into your existing app, or build your next NFT project with easy to use API. Using REST makes it easy for developers in your company to implement a white label NFT marketplace that you can host directly inside your website or mobile app.

NFTs at Scale

Flexibility to mint-as-you-go whenever and however you want. You can now use the API to try new ways of monetizing your users. Experiment with unique ways to present your NFT marketplace but hosting exclusive access to giveaways, promotions, and other promotions you can market using NFTs you create through our API.

Launch Your Next NFT Project on NiftyKit

What you can do with our tools:

Custom Collections

  • Customizable Smart Contracts
    • ERC-721, OpenZeppelin Standard
  • Web UI interface for easy creation, management, and collaboration
  • Automatically push to OpenSea and Rarible
  • Primary Commissions
  • Split Revenue (coming soon!)
  • Secondary Commissions (coming soon!)

NFT Creation

  • Mint on Mainnet (or L2s)
  • Transfer
  • Burn
  • Sell


  • Instant Payouts
  • Place Bid / Make Offer
  • List For Sale

Asset Management

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Development resources
  • Support & Maintenance

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