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The Easiest Way to Create, Manage & Sell Your NFTs

NiftyKit is an app for creatives to earn what they’re worth in the digital universe. We make NFT creation simple for everyone, without any technical knowledge of cryptocurrency, blockchain or non-fungible tokens.

How does NiftyKit work?

1. Create your NFT

We make it easy to get started minting your first NFT. Simply upload your asset (e.g., image, video) then customize and preview it with our easy-to-use design tools. After that, you’re ready to mint your new design into the blockchain.

2. Mint quickly without crypto

No crypto? No problem. You can create your first NFT in just minutes, instead of days or weeks. Spend time on what you love, and leave all that technical stuff to us. In short, we’re making it simple for you to get your NFTs in the hands of your beloved fans.

3. Sell your NFT

Easily list your NFT for sale or receive offers to better understand the true market value. Get paid instantly and earn up to 95% of the sale. There are zero gas fees or crypto required to list, sell or accept offers on NiftyKit.

NFTs are a way for artists, creators, musicians and brands to monetize fan engagement.

There has never been a greater need for artists and fans to find a new way of engaging given the lack of industry events from COVID-related shutdowns. NiftyKit is a tool to help continue to build and maintain that bond between your fans using exclusive NFTs.

Benefits of using NiftyKit

Marketplace ready

Once minted, you can share your NFT with your audience or list it for sale directly on NiftyKit, as well as other top NFT marketplaces such as Opensea & Rarible. Now you can be up and live on the network in a matter of minutes.

Ownable and verifiable

This token created will represent your work and will be forever minted in the blockchain solidifying any token holder with verifiable, proof of ownership in addition to any benefits unlocked while holding the digital asset.

No crypto required

Create Your first NFT in minutes without the need to have crypto. We are making it easy for creators to get into this new and exciting space. We’ll handle the fees and get everything set up so you are able to have your own collection of NFTs without needed any up-front crypto to mint your first one.

Grab control of your brand

Break free from other platforms and take ownership with our white-label solution. NiftyKit creators can create their own branded token on our platform. Other sites mint your artwork alongside the other artists, so it isn’t truly exclusive like it should be.

Are you ready to create your first NFT on NiftyKit?

We are excited to launch our flagship product NiftyKit. We’re looking for creators, musicians, artists, brands, and influencers who are interested and ready to explore how to grow their business with NFTs.

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