NiftyKit: The No-Code Solution For NFT Smart Contracts

Create, manage and sell NFTs on your own smart contract for as low as $9.99 per month.


Generative Art NFT Drops

DropKit gives you the tools to build hype for your launch. Create a drop, upload your art, add traits & attributes, then set your drop date. Focus on promoting your upcoming NFT drop, not trying to figure out how to code a smart contract.

Anyone can create smart contracts

No experience with coding or blockchain is necessary.

Create A Smart Contract

Customize and own your ERC-721 Polygon or Ethereum Mainnet smart contract without developers or knowledge of code.

Mint NFTs To Your Collections

Choose a smart contract to create an  NFT with, connect your Metamask wallet to confirm, and we’ll handle the rest.

Launch Your Storefront

List your NFTs for sale or create a timed auction for 24, 48, or 72 hours. Time starts when a bid meets your reserve price.

Everything you need in one NFT platform​

Become a member and we’ll help make your next NFT project a reality.

No File Size Restrictions

Upload images and videos in their highest quality directly to IPFS to avoid quality issues.

Own Your Smart Contract

It’s essential that you own your own smart contract for your creations so that you have full control of your tokens.

Easy NFT Management

Create multiple smart contracts for different projects and manage your collections all in one place.

One membership with flexible add-ons​

Try it for free to explore the tools, then sign up for a membership when you’re ready to mint.

NiftyKit Membership

only $9.99/month

Create & Manage Your Smart Contracts

Membership includes your first Polygon (Matic) smart contract. Ethereum smart contracts available to purchase as add-ons.

Unlimited NFT Minting on Polygon

Unlimited on Polygon (Matic) network. Ethereum Mainnet smart contracts and NFTs available to purchase separately as add-ons.

Includes Gas Fees

We pay your gas fees for minting and selling. Focus on creating and we'll take care of the rest.

Set Commission and Royalties

Split commissions on primary sales between smart contract owner and artist. Supports secondary sales royalties on Opensea.

Create Exciting NFT Drops

Set up a storefront to sell or auction your NFTs or create exciting NFT reveals for larger generative projects.

Try It Out For Free

Explore all the tools and services you need to create and manage your custom smart contracts and NFTs.

A subscription is required to mint NFTs and contracts on NiftyKit. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

We’ve implemented and adhered to open and decentralized standards

Create Your Next NFT Drop

Creating an NFT drop should take minutes – not days, weeks, or months.