NiftyKit: The No-Code Solution For NFT Smart Contracts

Create, manage and sell NFTs on your own custom ERC-721 smart contracts.


DropKit (Generative Art)

DropKit gives you the tools to build hype for your launch. Create your contract, upload your assets, add traits & attributes, then launch when ready. Each NFT is lazy minted, so gas fees are passed on to the collectors. Best for creators and teams doing larger (eg. 50-10,000) drops. Includes free airdrops, presale (mint) lists, dutch auction and dynamic mint pricing.

DropKit.js (Mint Button)

Leverage the power of DropKit within your own website. Embed a mint button directly on your drop page to provide a seamless and intuitive experience to your collectors. DropKit.js is compatible with most major services upon request (ie. Squarespace, Webflow, WordPress).

NiftyKit Classic

NiftyKit Classic makes it easy to create your first smart contract and NFT in seconds. Classic supports both Mainnet and Polygon minting. Best for creators new to NFTs or those doing smaller focused sales (eg. 1 of 1s).

Anyone can create smart contracts

No experience with coding or blockchain is necessary.

1. Create A Smart Contract

Customize and own your ERC-721 Polygon or Ethereum Mainnet smart contract without developers or knowledge of code.

2. Mint NFTs To Your Collections

Upload your assets (eg. photos, videos) and mint them directly into your own smart contract.

3. Sell Anywhere

Sell your NFTs via DropKit, embed on your own website or list on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea or Rarible.

Everything you need in one NFT platform​

Become a member and we’ll help make your next NFT project a reality.

Own Your Smart Contract

It’s essential that you own your own smart contract for your creations so that you have full control of your tokens.

Easy NFT Management

Create multiple smart contracts for different projects and manage your collections all in one place.

NFT Airdrops

Reward your community by airdropping free NFTs to your collectors. Promote your project in a fun exciting way.

We’ve implemented and adhered to open and decentralized standards

Create your custom smart contract today

Creating an NFT drop should take minutes – not days, weeks, or months.