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Frustrated trying to figure this whole 'NFT' thing out?

We can help! NiftyKit develops custom smart contracts that make creating and selling NFTs simple for everyone. Brand your token, receive secondary sales commissions, and most importantly, have full control and ownership of all your work.

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NFTs as a Service (NaaS)

Shave months off your product roadmap working with NiftyKit

Customizable Smart Contracts

We make it easy to customize and mint your NFTs into your own custom branded collections. These collections are smart contracts we mint and assign to your connected Metamask wallet. As the owner of your custom ERC721 smart contract, you become your own platform, marketer, and bank. 

Commissions & Royalties

Receive recurring revenue & passive income through commissions & royalties paid on primary & secondary NFT sales. Let the smart contract do all the heavy lifting paying out commission.

Protect Your IP & Digital Assets

It’s difficult getting into NFTs w/o knowing about underlying crypto & blockchain technologies. If you’re creating NFTs without using your own smart contract, you may not have the control you think you do. If you’re serious about your business and protecting your precious work, let NiftyKit guide you through the best practices for creating custom branded NFTs for your digital assets.

Unleash the power of NFTs into your next project

Kickstart your next app or idea by leveraging NiftyKit’s suite of tools and services to create a NFT marketplace you didn’t know was possible.

Not Just Another NFT Platform

At A Glance...

  • Customizable Smart Contracts
  • ERC-721, OpenZeppelin Standard
  • Web UI interface for easy creation, management and collaboration
  • Automatically push to OpenSea, Rarible, and Cargo
  • Primary Commissions
  • Secondary Commissions (Opensea)
  • Multi-chain Support
  • Hosted on IPFS
  • Custom API Integration
  • Custom Development Support

Marketplace Ready

When we create your custom smart contract, we assign you the ownership and designate us as your minting agent. Our job is to make sure your NFTs are compatible and able to reach audiences on NFT marketplaces such as Opensea & Rarible. We want to make sure your NFTs can be sold in the secondary marketplaces so that you can earn commission forever, when your NFTs sells in the future.

Ethereum Is Complicated

Simply learning a new coding language is not easy, and hiring good devs is hard. Let us handle the complexity for you, so you can focus on the business. If you need other software development help in addition to your NFTs, our expert team can help build a solution that leverages our platform to supercharge your customer experience.

Pay With Your Credit Card

Create Your first NFT in minutes without the need to have crypto. We are making it easy for creators to get into NFTs. Purchase your NFT and custom smart contracts using Stripe and when you are ready to mint, we’ll handle paying for the gas fees and take care of minting your NFT to the blockchain. 

Low Cost NFT Minting on Polygon

Multi-chain integrations will make it easy to manage, sell, and deploy your NFTs from your NiftyKit account. Mint to Ethereum Mainnet or Layer 2 options that make the most sense for your campaign or project. Prices vary between each chain, so you can choose what is most cost-effective for you.

Do you want to create your own NFTs but don't know how to code?

We can help! Test drive NiftyKit, today.

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